One Life. Two Lenses.

Plus Minus is about viewing and experiencing life from two different perspectives – positive and negative.

It’s simple really. Put on some negative lenses and we get more negative outcomes and consequences. Put on some positive lenses and we get more positive outcomes and consequences. Seriously, that seems to be the general trend.

Two different lenses. Two different experiences.

A negative mind breeds and spreads negativity while a positive mind inspires goodwill and a happier outlook on life.

Plus Minus will open your eyes to the toxic poison that negativity has on you and your life while showing you the benefits of being positive and just how good it is for you and those around you.

One life. Two lenses.

Which lens will you choose?


20 thoughts on “One Life. Two Lenses.

  1. If negativity induces a positive response then let common sense prevail.
    If positivity induces a negative response without animosity then common sense has prevailed.

    Best wishes, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. That is also true. That is unless you turn the negative way of thinking into a reason to desire change. Just being positive can actually be bad as it could promote laziness. Thinking you want to be or that it is possible to be a lineman in the NFL won’t make it happen, but turning negative thoughts into a reason for change can make you realise your full potential.

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    1. Good point you brought up there, Isabelle. Especially about turning negative thoughts into a reason for change. I’d like to think that that can only be made possible by first shifting one’s state of mind. Too many people get stuck being negative and having negative thoughts and end up doing nothing about them. It takes a person who can see things in a more positive light and say “There’s hope so I’ll do something about it now” to inspire and encourage change. Your insightful opinion is greatly appreciated and encouraged, Isabelle!


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