You have a Choice.

When people react positively or negatively to a situation or problem, it’s actually an unconscious choice to react so accordingly.

Imagine a birthday party you planned that went horribly wrong. Imagine working so hard for a project and it failed miserably. Imagine having to sit beside an annoying co-worker or peer that you can’t stand every single day.

How would you react to that?

Negatives would almost always blame others for failures/situations, sulk, do nothing to improve the situation, avoid events which could potentially cause the same situation to occur (like planning another birthday party) and just being an overall toxic person to be with.

Positives would see it as a learning opportunity, something to grow from, identify solutions to the problem/situation, a challenge even. Because of this unshakable attitude and mindset, positives naturally uplift and inspire others too. Positives always move forward and profit even in times of adversary because they always learn and grow no matter what the circumstances are.

The reason why we act to situations the way we do is simply due to habit. We’ve always been ingrained to act a certain way when something happens. Sure there are some good and positive reactions to certain events such as a person complimenting you and you thanking them but when it comes to problems and conflicts, we almost always react negatively.

Always remember this. You have a choice.

Before you say that nasty thing to that nasty person, stop and think if that will actually make things better. Before you blame your spouse for something they did wrong, stop and think first.

Stop, think and act from a positive perspective. Even if things still go wrong, at least you’ll know that you did the best that you could in that situation.


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