The Surprising Reason They Avoid You.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, we feel like we’re being ignored and avoided by others. And by avoid, I mean like they used to be close to you but now they’re purposely distancing themselves from you.

You shoot them a text and call them but you get no reply. You talk to them and they seem unresponsive and uninterested. You go to the nearest mall and bump into your circle of friends who seem to be having dinner without inviting you.

So what gives?

If you can really confirm that they are avoiding you, the reason is most probably because they’ve lost respect for you. BUT this only applies if you can really confirm 100% that they really are avoiding you because they could be dealing with other stuff in their minds that you’re not aware of, which might make them seem like they’re ignoring you even if they don’t intend to. Or you could be a little too paranoid.

But here are 3 biggest reasons why people generally lose respect for someone they used to share a close bond with:

  • Being hurt in some way (emotional/physical)
  • Being manipulated and feeling like they’re being used (which leads to the first point)
  • Being lied to (which also leads to the first point and something I despise with a passion)

It all coincidentally leads to point number 1 – them being hurt.
Hurt people. Lose respect. They like you lesser than before.

Rinse and repeat the above enough times and they might start hating you very soon. When people completely lose all their respect for you, they don’t like you anymore. At all. Sure that respect can be gained back over time if you don’t manage to screw things up again over time but just like trust, it’s harder to gain it back when you’ve lost it.

But honestly, it’s hard to make people dislike or hate you unless you’re a really bad person with negative intentions. Be a good person. Be positive.


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