3 Ways Your Positive Energy Influences Others.

When you’re having a great day, everything just seems to click. You’re more confident. You speak better. People are nicer to you and people just naturally gravitate towards you.

Compare that to when you’re feeling really low and depressed. Pretty sure all that good stuff doesn’t exist right? And people can pick up on the positive or negative aura/energy/vibes that you’re giving off too.

Here are 3 ways your awesome positivity is influencing those around you.

They Feel Good
Just remember the last time you were with a very positive person – always finding the good in things, praising others. How did it feel being with that person? Now remember the last time you were with a very negative person – always complaining, gossiping. How different did it feel being with that person?

Chances are you felt a lot better when you were with the positive person than the negative. The positive/negative energy that we give off naturally breeds and affects others. Positivity causes more positivity. Negativity causes more negativity.

They Want To Be Around You
No one likes to be around someone who boasts, gossips, complains and nags all the time. I think we can agree that that would be mentally and emotionally draining.

You Become More Attractive 
The reason you’re more attractive when you’re in a positive frame of mind is because your body language follows accordingly to your mood.

When you’re feeling great and happy, you speak clearer and louder, you smile more, you make more eye contact, and all that good stuff that makes you more attractive to others. Others will want to be around you and think highly of you too.

So stay awesome and people will love you for it!


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