The Most Important Tip to be Productive.

Between health and productivity, I think we can all agree that people are generally more concerned about their productivity levels than their health.

It’s common to hear employees skipping their lunches, working for long periods without breaks, not drinking enough water and other health-neglecting habits in order to do more.

While it’s good that we want to accomplish as much as possible within the limited time that we have, we’re neglecting the most important aspect of our lives that can help us be as productive as possible and feel good too.

Our health.

If you want to avoid fatigue, burnout, splitting headaches, body aches and cramps while working for long periods of time, think of your health first and not how much you can accomplish.

Remember that a healthy body and mind can work and accomplish so much more than an unhealthy one. This will also affect your mood and overall state of mind. Healthier body, healthier state of mind. Unhealthier body, unhealthier state of mind.

With a refreshed and energized mind and body, you’ll be able to make better decisions, finish your work faster, be more alert, socialize better and be in an awesome positive state.

So think of ways to make yourself healthier while working, studying, going about your day doing chores and running errands or even if you’re lazy and unmotivated and you don’t feel like being productive at all.

Sip on some water every half an hour, do a few push ups and jumping jacks every now and then, stretch, get up from your seat often, take frequent short breaks, take a walk.

Try it for a day and see how it goes. Chances are you’ll feel great throughout the day with higher energy levels while accomplishing so much more.


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