The Secret to Make Every Situation Better.

Life is a roller-coaster ride. There are the ups and downs. The good and the bad times. We’ve all heard about that. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the bad and tough times in our lives, we can make a conscious effort to minimize them.

People tend to react negatively to negative situations because it’s natural. Negativity breeds more negativity. A hostile person makes others hostile. Rude customers make cashiers frustrated. Being nagged at makes us annoyed.

The next time such situations or problems occur, re-frame your perspective.

Is it natural to act negatively? Of course.
Is it beneficial to act that way? Absolutely not.

Acting from a hostile point of view just escalates the problem and makes things worse. A frustrated cashier responding rudely to a customer could get himself fired depending on the severity of the situation. Pointing out a person’s naggy behaviour while being annoyed isn’t going to work out either.

If you want the best out of every situation, think of the other person first.

That hostile person could have just broken up with their partner this morning. That rude customer could have just been fired from his job. That naggy person could be feeling overwhelmed with all the household chores.

Does it mean it’s okay for them to act and behave that way in the first place? Of course not. But you can control the situation and make it better by re-framing your perspective first.

Think of the other person first and not yourself. When you do that, you’ll realize that they’re human just like you and you’ll start to calm down, think more rationally and react much more positively that will benefit the other person and yourself.

Be a leader and make the situation better.
Choose the positive lens.


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