3 Reasons Why Negativity Ruins Everything.

Some of us are naturally inclined to be more negative and pessimistic. Others tend to be more positive and optimistic.


It could be due to several factors such as the environment we grew up in, the way our role models reacted to situations and lived their lives, etc.

But what’s more important is why is negativity so bad?

Increased Stress Levels
A negative pessimist will almost always experience more stress than a positive optimist simply because reacting negatively to a situation builds up even more tension and hostility. What’s even worse is this increase in stress levels not only affects the negative person but also those around them. It’s mentally exhausting and stressful to be with a negative person.

People Avoid You
Just imagine how it would feel like to be around someone who complains and criticizes a lot. People want to avoid stress as much as they can and if you’re someone stressful and negative to be with, people are definitely going to lose respect for you and avoid you. You’re going to be known as ‘that person’ who complains alot, or who yells alot and nobody wants to be ‘that person’. Nobody wants to be around ‘that person’ too.

So if you’re really negative, you’re just no different from poison. You’re a pain to be with. People don’t have fun around you. You always dampen the mood. There’s very little good to say about you since people remember the bad more than the good anyway.

Because of this mindset, you also limit your potential to grow. Instead of saying “I can”, you say “I can’t”. Instead of saying “There is a way”, you say “There is no way”. You become a poison not just to others but also to yourself. You kill your own personal growth because you reject any kind of possibility to improve.

The worst type of poison is one that makes a person stagnant in life.

Embrace possibility and change. Always seek to improve. Always seek the better version of yourself.


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