Why Cold Showers Are Amazing.

Cold showers change you for the better.

Once you take one, you’ll notice the benefits right away.

You’ll feel refreshed and energized. You’ll have better skin and hair. You’ll be motivated to go and do stuff instead of lazing around. And you’ll build up your willpower.

Ideally, you should take cold showers whenever you feel like you need that extra burst of energy or when you’re feeling tired/sleepy or just plain lazy.

Instead of opting for that can of red bull or cup of coffee from Starbucks, choose what nature has already given us (and it’s free).  Cold showers can change that state of mind of yours and your energy levels in an instant.

All you have to do is walk to your shower, stand under it, set it to the coldest setting and do it!

Okay so I know it sounds easy but in reality, it really isn’t. But that’s okay. That’s what makes a cold shower so effective. The more we don’t want to do something, the more we benefit from it if we do it.

Be it waking up daily at 5am or strength training or anything that is hard for you to do. They make you grow, improve and you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities and experiences that you would never have imagined had you not taken the plunge. Do things that scare you and make you uncomfortable, because the experiences gained will be worth it.

So ignore all the thoughts in your head telling you how cold the water will be, how uncomfortable it’ll be, whether you’ll die from the cold or not. Just ignore them all, and turn the knob.


6 thoughts on “Why Cold Showers Are Amazing.

  1. In India taking a cold shower means to purify your soul and mind, not only the body. So to begin spiritual activity the sadhus encourage everyone to take a cold shower in the early morning.


    1. That’s amazing. Thanks for pointing that out, alibialiterque. I’m sure this will further encourage more of us to take cold showers and reap its benefits. Have a good day/evening ahead of you!


    1. HAHA that’s funny! I remember when I first started having cold showers, nasty things were said for sure. Nowadays things have evolved from saying nasty stuff to jumping frantically like a kangaroo!


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