3 Major Signs You Are a Negative Person.

Most, if not all of us, will never admit that we’re negative, even if others point it out. No one likes to admit that they have a flaw or undesirable trait. You could be reading this and thinking, “Nah I’m not a negative person”. But here are 3 huge signs that says you’re actually more pessimistic than optimistic.

You Argue Instead of Discuss
The moment somebody offers a differing opinion than yours, you’ll unknowingly spark an argument, by usually pointing out that their opinion is wrong. What could’ve been an interesting discussion and exchange of ideas turns into a heated debate about who’s right and wrong. Not a very fun and pleasant environment to be in, honestly.

You Complain Instead of Being Grateful
Small, petty complains and whining about minor stuff like the weather every now and then is acceptable and fine. But when that complaining goes on and on about how stressful life is, how annoying the kids can be, how loud people are in the buses and just endless other things to complain about, it becomes mentally draining to listen to that person.

You Say ‘No’ More Than You Say ‘Yes’
You say no to social events, family outings, and basically almost everything. You’d rather stay in your comfy little bubble and play video games while others are socializing and experiencing life outside. Not that there’s anything wrong with being comfortable and playing video games, but when you say no to almost everything that it’s starting to affect your life badly, then that’s not normal and healthy.

If you read all that and you happen to exhibit all 3 signs, chances are you’re most likely a negative person. That’s not too bad because at least now you know. Now you can take the next step in improving and changing yourself for the better.


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