3 Easy Habits to be More Positive.

It’s always good to be more positive. Others will want to be around you more, you’ll be more emotionally resilient and you’ll feel good.

Whether you’ve identified yourself as a negative person or you just want to be more positive and optimistic than you are now, here are 3 simple habits you can do every day to be more positive in the long run.

Be thankful for at least one thing/event before going to sleep. It could be the excellent customer service at the fast food restaurant you ate at for dinner or your grandma’s precious smile. Being thankful forces your mind to be in a positive state, no matter how depressed or negative you may feel in the moment. Over time, you’ll realize that it gets easier to find more things to be thankful for. That’s a sign of good progress!

Do some exercises. Okay I know exercise doesn’t exactly sound like the easiest habit to cultivate but hear me out. You don’t have to devote 30 minutes or an hour to reap the benefits. Just start small. Just one push up and 5 jumping jacks every now and then. It’s up to you really, but what’s important is to start small and to do it often. Small and often. Eventually you’ll build the habit and you’ll feel like doing more.

Building the exercise habit is great because your body releases endorphins whenever you’re being active, a chemical which makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you tend to be in a better and healthier state of mind.

Drink half a gallon of water. But not all at once though! Drink it throughout the day. The benefits are almost immediate when you start drinking more water too. We tend to devalue the positive effects water has on our body, but when you start drinking more, you’ll understand why it’s so important. You’ll be more energetic, lose water weight, have better hair and skin and be in a better mood.

If you’re already doing one or more of these habits, then good for you! You’re probably already living an even better life now than before you started these habits.

For those of us who are starting this journey to be more positive, your efforts will be worthwhile when you realize the benefits that simple habits can give you. And the best part is, these habits are free! You get these benefits for no cost at all. Just your time and devotion.

6 thoughts on “3 Easy Habits to be More Positive.

  1. Pretty sure there was a study towards this kind of stuff. There was like 2 more that they come up with but these are helpful for sure XD


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