Level Up.

The idea of leveling up may be stupid or too nerdy-sounding for some people but I love it.

Role-playing games focus on experience points to level up characters. Platform games focus on going through a set of obstacles in order to get to the next level.

It’s no different from real life.

Students have to study hard for each subject to level up and earn better grades. Employees are always striving to level up and earn promotions and raises at work. Entrepreneurs are always seeking to level up by working and searching for their next big opportunity.

Almost all of us are looking for ways to level up, be it at work, health and fitness or even personal relationships.

But the one common thing that leveling up has for all these different scenarios is that you always become a better, improved version of yourself than before. Always. Hard work always pays.

The fact that putting in time and effort means you’re changing yourself for the better? Who wouldn’t like that? For some, this drives them to work even harder every day because that means earning more experience points which means leveling up faster.

But some don’t.

Think of a stagnant person who just sits on the couch, watches tv the whole day and does nothing for 7 days a week. How many experience points does he/she gain from that kind of lifestyle? Probably not much at all.

But picture a vibrant individual who constantly gets out of his comfort zone, takes up challenges, spends more time moving around than sitting and is always looking for ways to level up himself. How many experience points does he/she gain compared to the couch potato. Definitely a lot more. And their appearances, characters and mannerisms will reflect their lifestyles too.

You deserve to live life as the best version of yourself because it’s really much more fun that way, rather than being constantly depressed and indulgent in things which add no value to your life. Indulge in good habits, always seek to level up and you’ll always be in good hands no matter where you are 10 years from now.


8 thoughts on “Level Up.

    1. Yes you’re right, in a way. Video gaming has its good and bad, as with everything else. It’s not bad if we’re playing for rest, relaxation or even competitive purposes but I think we can agree that if it gets in the way of living life to its fullest potential then it’s starting to steer life in the wrong direction and the negative effects start to show up.

      But leveling up is an example of a really good concept in video games which we can apply to our lives. I’m a big Street Fighter fan and leveling up Vega in the series’ latest installment inspired me to write this post. But thank you for your question! Your analytical eye is commendable and is definitely encouraged here.


  1. Thank you so much, this post is just what I needed! I was just wallowing in self pity and looking at other student’s work and thinking how rubbish mine looks, I just need to get a grip and get some experience points under my belt so I can level up! So simple when you look at it this way – thanks for the motivation, I feel better already!


    1. That’s great! Keep grinding and leveling up and you’ll do awesome. Just put in the hours and let hard work take care of itself. You’ll improve naturally sooner or later! I believe in you!


  2. In life we are always experiencing different things which I refer to as lessons… Being wise and listening to these lessons we always become a better and improved version of self…. We have a choice and yes, in some instances hard work is required to achieve the desired result in time. Life certainly is much more interesting when challenged, especially outside of one’s comfort zone (definitely much more fun) enabling and acquiring more confidence and growth alongside knowledge… In my case, there probably are many who might consider me zany.. 🙂 lol..

    The context by which you have made a comparison of life with that of a video game I find to be rather intriguing and put a smile on my face… We must all do the best we can and endeavor to “level up” in our lives and not wallow in self pity. Such a simple yet positively powerful message to and for all.. I liked and enjoyed reading your write up.. Thank you + – Plus Minus Life.


    1. Thank you too Maryalade! Life is indeed much more interesting (but not always easy) when we get out of our comfort zone.

      Your well-crafted comment means alot to me and I appreciate every word of it. Thanks again and stay awesome as you are!


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