How To Be More Positive Without Even Trying.

It’s really easy. It takes little to no effort. You’ll feel like you’re not doing anything much but do it every day consistently and you’ll feel the effects sooner or later.

All you have to do is be thankful for just one thing that happened today and say it out loud.

That’s it. Just one thing.

You can do this at any time of the day even when you’re driving, sending the kids to school, doing the laundry or even before going to bed but just make sure you do it!

I know it might not seem like much but believe me that there’s power in cultivating small positive habits like this in your life – small habits that will reap bigger results in the future.

And this is a really good start.

Just one. Because one is too easy for your brain and body to procrastinate and lay off. Brain and body will be like, “Just one?! I can do more than that!” and definitely feel free to do more when you really want to.

Our daily actions determine our state of mind and how we feel. Do positive things and be more positive. Do negative things and be more negative.

Being thankful for just one thing that happened today is just one of the many positive things you can incorporate into your daily routine to head in the direction of positivity bliss. Own it.

So what’s one thing that you’re thankful for today?


6 thoughts on “How To Be More Positive Without Even Trying.

  1. I am thankful for my professor today. I fell behind in my homework and was really stressing out about getting all of my work into the website before midnight tonight. But as if he could sense the frustration he posted an announcement saying that he accepts late work with no penalties, therefore giving me a huge “Whew!” moment and I relaxed and am able to take my time on my assignments.

    Fun fact: My mother does 10 positive affirmations every morning, it really helps set up the day. Fantastic advice, I’ll have to add a spot for that in my bullet journal!


    1. Wow your mother is doing it right! I’m glad you like the post, Elley.
      And you’re lucky to have a professor like him! My professors have never given us extensions with no penalties… unless the whole class riots. But thank you for taking the time to be here Elley. I appreciate it!


  2. Definitely! We have so much to be thankful for but yet we forget to take time to acknowledge them out loud. I really like your simplistic view towards life because I absolutely feel the same way too. Have a good day/evening ahead of you!


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