Surround Yourself with Awesome People to be Awesome.

Because the people you’re always around with will greatly influence you.

So if you’re surrounded by amazingly hardworking people, you’re going to feed off of their attitudes and work ethics and you’ll find yourself being more hardworking.

But if you’re surrounded by negative people all the time who like to complain, whine and argue, then sadly you’re going to pick up after them as well.

Yes, this actually means leaving behind people who do more harm than good to your life.

People who bring you down, make you constantly feel worthless and make you depressed really need to go. Life seriously can’t get better for you with these people around and it’s a tough thing to deal with when these people happen to be your family members or someone you’re living with.

Be around good people. They don’t necessarily have to be successful or super talented. Just surround yourself with people who add value to your life, not take away from it. People who make you feel good and make you go “I want to be more like him/her” are people you really need in your life.

The right people are going to contribute a great positive deal to your quality of life for sure.


10 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with Awesome People to be Awesome.

  1. This reads nicely enough, yet it puts me in a bit of a Catch-22.

    I’m currently surrounded by no one. I do not have a job, and do not have friends. But we’ll go with the best case scenario, and assume that I can actually get out there and make friends.

    I want to surround myself with awesome people, yet I do not view myself as being awesome. If the already-awesome people see me in the way that I do, which is probably the case, then I cannot get the awesome people to be around me. Why would they want to be around me?

    It would make sense that the way to fix this is to become awesome myself. I have no idea how to make this change.

    How does one break out of this cycle? Or is this a feel-good platitude that will not serve a person like me?

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    1. That’s a good point you brought up there, Ben.

      I was actually talking to someone recently about something along the lines of what you mentioned and I think it’s a good topic to be discussed.

      I seem to believe that for us to be around awesome people, we don’t necessarily have to be as awesome as them for them to want be with us on a regular basis. It’s all about adding value to their lives.

      Because awesome people want to be around those who bring them up and add some form of value to their lives because they know that those who don’t are just a waste of time. That’s what made them awesome in the first place. They too want to be surrounded with people who add value to their lives.

      But that doesn’t mean we need to be successful, have an awesome job or be super popular to have great people as friends. You may know something they don’t. You may do something they don’t. You may have something they don’t.

      All we have to do is ask, “How can I add value to [insert name here]’s life?” taking into consideration their likes and dislikes, hobbies, problems and needs. And if we can accurately answer that question and approach awesome person with such a mentality, there’s no reason for them to stay away from you.

      With that said, I would highly recommend “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie to anyone who’s really interested in the affairs of human relations and basically just being a badass in dealing with people.

      But do let me know what you think, Ben. I look forward to your thoughts!

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      1. This seems to make sense, even though I don’t know anyone well enough to answer the question of how I can bring value to their lives.

        As a recovering Codependent, there was a time when I would do anything for my “friends.” I’d let them stay at my home, borrow my car, money, whatever they wanted. So long as I was accommodating, the friends were there. Meanwhile, none of them did those things for me. It was very one-sided. I was just glad to have “friends,” even if they were mere acquaintances who used me for resources.

        It’s a long story, but something horrible happened, and all of those friends went away. They think I’m a bad person, but I got taken by a scammer, and someone started rumors that I was “in on it,” as they say.

        At any rate, now I’m tasking with making new friends. I’m over 50, unemployed, non-religious, and relatively new to this town.

        Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever had any true friends, so I am more than concerned for my future in this regard.

        What you wrote makes sense. I think the big problem for me is figuring out how to implement these things. In other words, it’s not you, it’s me.

        Thank you for the discussion.


    2. If I can add to this, truly awesome people will always look to add MORE to your life than you add to theirs. However, finding people like that requires you have the same attitude yourself, which btw you seem to have. It’s unfortunate your acquaintances took advantage of it.

      As far as becoming awesome goes, I made a similar decision to change my life earlier this year. You might enjoy my blog and I’d be happy to help you with any specific problems you’re having. Just shoot me a private message and good luck!


      1. Definitely agree with you, Pulkit! I believe true respect always goes both ways and benefits everyone. Thanks for this insight of yours.

        And yes please do check out Ryo112358’s blog, Ben. He has way more awesome stuff on his blog than I do on mine! I’m confident you’ll be able to learn a lot and get some really good help from Ryo112358.

        Cheers everyone and continue staying awesome!

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