Sleep More to be More Productive.

Sleep for at least 7 hours every day.

Some of us don’t actually get that much sleep daily. The majority of us either sleep a whole lot less than we should or have unhealthy sleeping schedules.

Make sleep a priority and a necessity. We’re most productive when we have at least 7 hours of sleep. Okay I know that everyone is different and not all of us will need exactly 7 hours but that’s an average estimate for many of us.

We’re always searching for that next productivity tip to catapult us to get loads of stuff done in a day but the truth is, no productivity hack will work if we don’t get enough sleep. It’s like playing a game on your phone when it’s battery is already at 10%. The phone’s going to run out of energy very soon and stop working. It’s the same for us too. We can’t do very much when we’re running on very little sleep and energy.

Our energy levels play a huge role in determining how productive we are so if we’re not getting proper sleep, our energy and productivity levels are going to be negatively impacted. Just like our phones and laptops, we need to have downtime to recharge our batteries and sleep does that for us.

Establish a regular sleep schedule too. It could be 10am-5am, 12am-7am or even 3am-10am, depending on how your lifestyle is. But the most important part is establishing that regular sleeping pattern. Our bodies will then shut down and start at the expected times. Sleep will be a lot more optimised and productive (yes, sleep can be productive too). We’ll experience less of that groggy feeling when we wake up and on some days, we won’t even need that alarm to wake us up.

But let’s not fall into the trap of oversleeping though. We don’t just waste more time by oversleeping but research has also shown that oversleeping makes us more lethargic and tired, having almost the same effect of not having enough sleep. Finding the happy medium is key and 7 hours is a safe number to shoot for.

So sleep well and see how much more it’ll do for you when you have to get work done.


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