Getting What You Want And More.

Give and you will receive.

I know it’s tough when things don’t go our way. Or when we want a certain something but we get something else instead.

We need to stop being selfless and start thinking about others more. The world needs more selfless human beings.

Put others first and help them, and they’ll do the same for you. It goes both ways. Goodwill always goes both ways.

If you want something from someone, ask yourself what the other person really wants first and help them fulfil that want without expecting anything in return.

So go make someone’s day this holiday season – with your smile, gifts or even your company. The person who gives always receives so much more than what they gave so never hesitate to give, help and listen.

Happy holidays my dear readers! Each and every one of you are amazing and special to me.


9 thoughts on “Getting What You Want And More.

  1. I see it differently. True giving is out of love. No exchange or reciprocation is required. According to the law of attraction, what you put out you will receive, but not necessarily from the same person.


    1. That’s very true too, Pam. Some of us give simply out of charity and expect nothing in return. That’s the best form of giving anyone can do. And I definitely agree with your point on the law of attraction. Thank you for your nugget of wisdom!


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