Why New Year’s Resolutions Always Fail.

First post in 2017!

So it would be only appropriate if I wrote something that’s related to New Year’s resolutions right?

We all have at least a few awesome New Year’s resolutions now that 2017’s here but let’s also just take a moment to think back and reflect on our past year’s resolutions and ask ourselves, “How many of my past resolutions failed and how many were actually achieved?”

Because most of the time, the majority of our New Year’s resolutions tend to fail more than succeed.

Say if you want to be way fitter by the end of 2017. You’re highly motivated thinking about the awesome workouts you’ll go through as the clock strikes 12 and it’s 2017. You shout to yourself, “I’m going to go to the gym every single day to exercise for an hour!” As the weeks go by, you realize you’re losing steam and the initial high motivation you once had. Eventually, workouts become a once a week thing and then none.

Does that sound familiar?

A lot of people go through the very same experience with any other goal. They start out strong because of high motivation, set ambitious steps to achieve their goal, and then just stop midway through.


For someone who has not exercised in a long time, It’s easy to exercise when you have high motivation but it’s tough when motivation is low.

If we want to be consistent and achieve that resolution of ours, we have to ensure that the daily requirements we set for ourselves are easy enough so that we can still complete them with ease when motivation levels are low.

So if someone’s feeling particularly lazy to do an hour long workout as planned, shoot for 20-30 minutes instead of not showing up at all. What’s more important is showing up and being consistent even if it means doing 10 minute workouts. Yes, showing up is that important. That’s when the habit builds and strengthens as the body shows up consistently.

It’s cool too because the more consistent we show up and put in the time and work, the closer we are to reaching that goal of ours. We don’t have to worry much about anything else then. Just show up, be consistent, be flexible and eventually we’ll get there.


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