Movement is Life.

Move and you’ll feel better. If you’ve been working or studying at your desk for the past hour or so, get up and move. If you’ve been playing video games for far too long, get up and move.

It doesn’t matter if it’s taking a walk, doing jumping jacks or going for a short walk. What matters most is that you move.

We’re sitting way too long without getting up nowadays. Be it working in an office, studying at school or playing video games in the living room. Sitting for hours is just not natural.

Cavemen certainly did not sit for hours on end. They ran, hunted for food and moved a lot.

Sure we live in a very different time now, but that doesn’t make it okay to be confined to a sitting position for hours.

So move.
Move and be productive.
Move and be healthy.
Move and be happy.

The more we move, the more we gain.


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