Get More Done by Working Less.

We all have tons of things we have to get done.

We put in hours and hours of work, hoping to complete them all and that’s good.

But what we don’t realize is that our bodies and minds are not designed to work for really long periods of time at once. We just can’t work for very long optimally.

Our productivity levels start to decline after a certain period of time of working. For some of us it may be an hour, for others it may be longer or shorter.

It’s really counter-productive to continue working when we’re running out of steam. You’ll find yourself getting distracted very easily and the work will seem even more impossible to complete. It’ll feel like it takes forever to progress  and come up with that next idea or write the next sentence of that report.

So stop working and take a break.

Just drop whatever you’re doing, get up, take a breather, drink some water, or anything else to refresh yourself for a few minutes. And then come back to it.

Anytime you feel sluggish, take a short break and come back.
Anytime you feel like things are getting tougher, take a short break and come back.
Anytime you feel like you’re going nowhere with it, take a short break and come back.

That’s it.

You’ll get way more stuff done this way because you’re always fresh when you’re working and work will be so much more enjoyable too.

Now take that well-deserved break, come back strong and continue crushing that task.


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