Never Work A Day In Your Life Again.

It’s very possible to get a lot of things done without actually feeling like we’re working at all.

We don’t have to be constantly stressed out, typing furiously on a keyboard and getting things done with an elevated heart rate of 130 bpm.

We can get a lot done and more simply by slowing down.

Slow down and relax.

Rushing only brings more anxiety and that’s not good.

If you feel overwhelmed with the work and projects you have to complete, relax and take it slow.

Relaxation = Productivity

A relaxed mind is a creative and productive mind, free from anxious and negative thoughts. An anxious mind will never be able to accomplish what a relaxed state of mind can.

Try and go about doing your work and running your errands at a slightly slower pace than you normally do. Focus on the task and ignore all unrelated thoughts. See how it feels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

How different does it feel?

You’ll have the urge to habitually speed up but resist it with all your might.

You might find that you’re able to do more with less effort.
You might find that the work is actually enjoyable.
You might find that slowing down is a lot more productive.

Take it slow and enjoy the process.

You don’t have to rush to get things done.
You don’t have to be stressed out to get things done.
You don’t have to be anxious to get things done.

If you can relax while you’re working, you never have to work another day in your life again.


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