Increase Your Productivity Using This Simple Technique.

There’s a secret to working all day without getting tired and I’m going to tell you. You’ll get a lot more done too.

It doesn’t involve drinking more coffee.
It doesn’t involve getting more sleep.
It doesn’t involve getting more exercise.

It just involves a timer.

It’s called the pomodoro technique.

You work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break. That’s 1 pomodoro done.

Keep repeating the process til’ you get 4 pomodoros done and then take a 20 minute break.

During the pomodoro, focus solely on the task at hand and ignore all distractions. If you get distracted by something, stop the timer and start back again.

You’ll be surprised at how much more you can get done in 25 minutes of focused work compared to an hour of unfocused work.

The pomodoro technique really helps to counter procrastination, get a ton of work done and ultimately keep your stress levels down.

With the pomodoro technique, you don’t have to worry and think about how much of your work you have left to do.

All you have to think of is to do 1 more pomodoro. Just 1 more. Because every pomodoro you complete will take you 1 step closer to finishing your work/project. That way you don’t have to waste any mental effort in worrying about completing what you have to get done.

All you have to do is just 1 more pomodoro.

Work in small focused chunks of time, get a lot done and feel great while you’re at it.


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