A Surprising Way to Stop Wasting Time.

Reject what is useless, accept what is useful.

Bruce Lee was a big proponent for this, both in martial arts and his way of thinking. You could say that Bruce Lee was the world’s first mixed martial artist, discarding what was useless for him and using only techniques that worked for him.

It’s the same with us and our lives.

We go through life, being bombarded with tons of information at a rapid rate in this day and age.

We consume information and do things without really thinking about whether they’re useful or beneficial for us, and we end up spending excessive amounts of time surfing our Facebook news feed mindlessly or watching video after video on Youtube.

Conscious thinking helps.

Before you press ‘play’ on that next Youtube video or spend the next half an hour on social media, ask yourself:

“How does this benefit me in any way?”

If there isn’t any benefit or reason, then there’s really no need to do it.

But if there are benefits and reasons that are sound and good, then go for it.

Doing this sort of mental analysis can help you to weed out the unnecessary time spent on things that don’t really matter to you and help you focus on the things that actually do.

Fill your time with stuff that matters.


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