Why Being Busy is Good and Bad.

It’s good to be busy and occupied.

To always have your day scheduled full of things to do is a good thing.

It’s a very good thing actually.

But what’s not good is filling up our time and being busy with things that are not important and meaningful to your life.

There’s a difference between being busy and actually making an impact.

Not all busy people are productive or necessarily doing anything that’s beneficial with their time.

Some of them simply have their days scheduled with meaningless tasks.

They may be busy watching youtube videos and TV while someone else is busy working on projects that benefit others

They may be busy partying and drinking while someone else is busy netwotking at events and conventions.

They may be busy eating junk food and unhealthy snacks while someone else is busy working out at the gym.

And this is what makes certain people more successful than others.

The choices we make with our time now, influence and determine what we’re like 5-10 years later.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

But use it wrongly, and we don’t get to achieve much of what we want in this life we live.

Be busy with purpose.


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