The Last Thing You Should Do Before Sleeping.

Sleep is perhaps one of the most important, convenient and free-est source of energy that we have.

So it makes sense to maximise its effectiveness as much as possible.

Some of us stress ourselves out before we sleep.

We’re thinking about our problems or just stuff that needs to be done the next day and we just stress ourselves out.

That’s bad. And unnecessary.

We don’t want that kind of stuff going on in our heads when we’re trying to go to sleep.

Stress kills sleep.

And that causes sleep to suffer. Which means you won’t be benefiting much from your sleep.

We want sleep to do the most for us as much as possible. After all, we’re spending quite a significant number of hours sleeping. It makes sense to put those hours to full use then.

So the last thing you should do before you sleep is to


And I mean genuinely laugh.

It could be from watching a really funny video on Youtube, playing with your kids, anything.

It doesn’t matter what the source of laughter is as long as you have a good laugh before you sleep.

Laughing does three things here:
1. It takes your mind away from any negative thoughts
2. It instantly puts you in a good mood
3. It makes you realise that things aren’t so bad after all

This is a perfect state of mind to be in before you sleep.

Stress-free sleep = productive sleep.

And you’re very likely to wake up energised and in a good mood too.

So play a funny video or two on Youtube tonight before bed and laugh yourself to sleep.

Your mind and body will thank you for it.


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