Why Notepad Is the Best Productivity App.

No I’m not talking about the physical notepad (although that could work).

I’m talking about the pre-installed Notepad software on your Windows PC.

Or should I say TextEdit for us Mac users.

I’ve been experimenting and using nothing but just Notepad/TextEdit for the past 3 weeks to take notes and come up with to-do lists and I have to say that the freedom is liberating!

Typically when you use to-do list apps and software, they restrict you to certain elements like checkboxes to mark items off, having to click on certain buttons before you can add notes to the to-do list or just having to deal with the user interface.


I didn’t have to go through all that with Notepad/TextEdit.

The blank canvas was all I needed. And I could do whatever I wanted with it.

Just blank space and I could write and organise my thoughts in any way I wanted.

No restrictions. No fuss. Super convenient.

Whenever I needed to, I could:
– Take notes
– Make a to-do list
– Write out my thoughts
– Jot down quickly something that I’m supposed to ‘remember’
– Write out this blog post

Practically it’s like my second brain now since it’s where I’m unloading all my thoughts, tasks, things to remember and it’s also my thinking space.

Of course this works very well if you’re like me and your work revolves around your laptop that you have with you the entire day.

It might not work out for everyone, to be honest.

But if your workday revolves around your laptop or computer, give it a try.

Sometimes, all you need is just a blank canvas.


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