Why You Always Procrastinate.

“Why do today when you can do tomorrow?”

We’ve probably heard this being said by people that we know and it’s a common procrastination phrase.

The problem with this is that it creates something called the procrastination loop.

Say you have to do Task A today and then Task B tomorrow.

Say you’re feeling extra unmotivated and lazy today and decide to do Task A tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes, you’ll have to do Task A and Task B together.

Then you realise you can only finish Task A for the day and not Task B so you push Task B to the next day.

When the next day comes, you’ll have to do Task B together with Task C or Task D.

This is what I call the procrastination loop.

We think it’s okay to miss a day of doing work but it always comes back to bite us another day.

Instead of thinking “Why do today, when I can do tomorrow?”, think “The more work I do today, the less I have to do tomorrow.”

If you’re supposed to do Task A today and Task B tomorrow, get Task A done today and get half of Task B done today too while you’re at it since you’re already on a roll.

This would mean having to do just half of Task B the next day, freeing up your day and causing you lesser stress.

Then you won’t find yourself stuck in the procrastination loop.

We’re more likely to procrastinate when tasks we have to complete seem to be too daunting or overwhelming to complete.

Get work done as soon as you can without letting them pile up.

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