The Most Positive Action That You’re Not Doing.

Is most probably exercise.

I’m sure a lot of you already know that exercise is very important to your health, mood and overall well-being.

But a lot of us are overlooking it.

Even for those of us who exercise, we might not even be pushing ourselves every time it’s time to work out.

For some of us, it has become more of a social thing especially if we’re exercising with friends.

We don’t push ourselves out of our comfort zone and yet we wonder why exercise isn’t doing much for us.

Discomfort is required for growth.

Be it with anything else in life, not just when it comes to working out and exercising.

I admit, even I have fallen victim to this.

Workout day comes. I get my workout in and I realise that I hardly broke a sweat.

Sure, there’s still a positive effect on your body even if you do exercise without 100% of your effort but that’s just it, you don’t get 100% of the benefits. It’s not optimal.

Here are just a few fun facts about exercise when done right:
1. Boosts self-confidence
2. Improves skin complexion
3. Increases productivity
4. Enhances the immune system
5. Prevents signs of aging

You reap what you sow and this applies especially to your health and fitness.

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