Stop Ignoring Your Body’s Signals Before It’s Too Late.

When you’re tired and your body is giving you all kinds of signals to stop working,

Stop working.

It’s better to stop and rest instead of risking a burnout or a mental breakdown.

We all have a ton of stuff to do daily.

But let’s not forget that one of the most important things in your life is your health.

Not your work.
Not your boss.
Not your reputation.

He/she who accomplishes without sacrificing his health triumphs the most.

Because what’s the point of getting a lot of stuff done if we’re going to be feeling demotivated and stressed the entire time.

That’s a recipe for disaster in the long-run.

And it’s just not a sustainable life.

A student once asked his teacher, “Master, what is enlightenment?”
The master replied, “When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.”

We’ve come to a point where living in the now seems to be the hardest thing for us to do.

We ignore signals and signs by our bodies in pursuit of accomplishing more.

And we’re sacrificing our health and happiness as a result.

So do yourself a simple favour.

If you feel exhausted, take some time to rest.
If you feel stressed out and anxious, talk to a friend or watch some funny videos.

Stop ignoring what your body is telling you.

You can only do that for so long before the ill effects show up.

You’ll start getting sick more often.
You’ll feel burnt out all the time.
You’ll even start to be depressed about life.

No matter how busy life gets, be it at work or school.

Always find time to rest and play.

Life is so much better that way.


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