How We Become “Old”.

Ever wondered why adults are “boring” and why kids are lively and fun?

Well, that’s probably because we stopped doing the things we did when we were kids.

Kids just have that zest for life and an unstoppable amount of energy that we adults seem to lack.

So what is it that kids do that we don’t?

More importantly, what is it that kids have that we don’t?

Well, it turns out there are quite a few things.

The first being curiosity.

Kids are always asking about anything and everything.

“Where do babies come from?”
“Why are there no more dinosaurs?”
“Why do people get sick?”

And they never end.

Kids also have an innate ability to play.

Like 24/7, unlike us adults.

A kid’s life is almost entirely made up of studying and playing since they don’t have the same responsibilities as adults do.

An adult’s life consists of work, responsibilities and even more work.

A lot of times we’re too busy to even think about scheduling some play time in our lives.

Then we just become dull and boring and “old”.

Kids also embody the definition of the word ’mindfulness’.

Kids are always living in the moment.

They don’t fill their thoughts about the past or the future.

They’re always living in the now.

And they’re fully consumed in whatever activity they’re doing.

That’s actually a very important aspect of happiness and contentment in life too.

Being in the moment frees you from thinking about past hurts or stresses about the future.

Sure kids might be thinking about what they want to do later when they get home from school.

But even so, they’re most likely going to be thinking about playing and having fun.

So be curious, present in the moment, and play!

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