3 Simple Digital Tips to Boost Your Productivity.

A lot of us use computers or laptops for work.

Be it for your 9-5 jobs or even if you’re a freelancing content creator.

There are some simple tweaks you can use to ensure that you maximise your productivity.

Some of these tips might even appear to be very minor or trivial but they actually do make a difference. 

Which is also precisely why they’re overlooked. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

The first tip you should try is to increase the pointer speed of your mouse/trackpad.

Increasing the pointer speed means using lesser effort in your wrist and arms to move the mouse/trackpad.

This saves times when you eventually get good at clicking accurately with a high pointer speed and will add up especially if you’re using your mouse/trackpad a lot for work.

It’s also especially useful if you realize that you don’t have much space on the table to move the mouse around a lot anyway.

It takes some getting used to but once you actually do, you’ll find that slower pointer speeds just won’t cut it anymore.

Another tip is to think small.

Your computer screen can only fit so many things at once so making things smaller means you can fit more on your screen.

Making things smaller would include actions such as zooming out of documents and decreasing font and image sizes.

So let’s say your work requires you to refer to three files at once using the same screen.

One way to do this is to open up all three files, zoom them out as small your eyes can see, then position them next to each other.

Always think small.

The final tip is to stop making mistakes when you’re typing.

We want to get things done quickly that we sacrifice accuracy for speed.

Then we realise that we typed something wrong, we have to delete what we just typed and then re-type again.

This costs time and effort.

Focus on accuracy and forget about speed.

Speed will come naturally when you get good at typing accurately without making typos and correcting them.

Focus on typing slower but getting every letter correct.

Accuracy trumps speed.

Needless to say, all of the above tips will take getting used to before you can fully realise how beneficial they are when it comes to computer productivity.

Increase your pointer speed, think small and focus on accuracy.


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