Why Your Body Language Matters.

People tend to perceive and treat you differently based on your body language.

It’s no surprise too since about 90% of communication is made up of your body language and vocal tonality.

If you exhibit closed body language, people can pick up on that, interpret that as a cue that you don’t want to be disturbed and leave you alone.

This could make them think that you’re not approachable, something’s troubling you, or associate your closed body language with something negative. 

Some examples of closed body language include crossing the arms and/or legs, a tense facial expression, looking down or away and covering certain body parts like the genital area, chest and or stomach.

If you’re exhibiting open body language, you exude an aura of warmth and openness which others will interpret it positively and see you as an approachable and friendly person.

They might instantly have a good impression of you, think that you’re an honest person, and not associate you with anything negative (unless you’re being too open and taking up too much space).

Some examples of open body language mainly include the opposite of closed body language such as having the arms and legs open, a relaxed facial expression and an overall pleasant demeanour.

Let’s also not forget that body language also includes facial expressions such as smiling or frowning since they are also considered non-verbal expressions.

Even the direction of where you’re looking at matters too.

Looking down symbolises submission and guilt.
Looking up symbolises thought and critical thinking. 
Looking forward symbolises purpose and direction.

It sounds like there’s a lot to think about when it comes to body language but let’s simplify it.

Instead of having to think about individual parts of your body like how your face is like or the position of your arms and legs, just think of this.

As long you adopt an open and pleasant body language, you’re all set.

It’s going to feel unnatural since we’re not used to it but eventually, it’ll be second nature to adopt such body language.

All it takes is consistent awareness and adjustment.

Research has also shown that closed body language says a lot about a person’s state of mind too. 

The person is either feeling defensive, withdrawn, anxious or just uncomfortable in the environment they’re currently in.

And that’s an impression you want to avoid.

Especially if you’re working with others, at a social gathering or even if you’re alone with a person you’re close with.

Get rid of any possibility of negative impression by adopting open body language as much as you can.

Always think open.

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