Every human being has needs.

The most basic ones are to fulfil hunger and thirst.
Do you have the means to ensure that you don’t die of starvation and dehydration?
Do you have access to food and water whenever you need them?

Then comes safety and security.
Do you live in a safe environment?
Do you have to worry about yours and your loved ones’ lives being in danger?

Then love and belonging.
Do you have meaningful interpersonal relationships?

Then self-esteem.
Do you have a high degree of self-esteem?
Do others respect you?
How self-confident are you?

Then self-actualisation.
Do you have the desire to be the most that you can be?
Do you seek growth and personal development?
Are you consistently performing at your peak?

A famous American psychologist named Maslow estimated that only 2% of the world’s population reaches the state of self-actualisation.

Because the only way to do so is to satisfy all of the previous needs.

This means 98% of the population is stuck in either one of the first four needs.

You may be asking, how does this concern you?

Well, this means that we’re probably part of the 98%.

Myself included.

We’re very likely not functioning at our highest capacity yet.
And we’re very likely to have a lot more room for growth and development.

But that’s fine.

Life is supposed to be a constant effort of self-discovery and improvement anyway.

Being stagnant in life isn’t the best way to live.

What matters most is always having the desire to be better.

And it’s about time that more of us realise our fullest potential.

It’s time to step up.

Read more.
Observe more.
Learn more.
Do more.

All in the name of becoming the best version of yourself that you possibly can.

Without judgement, without hate.


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