Why You Might Be Setting The Wrong Goals For Yourself.

We have so much, yet we’re still unhappy.

We yearn for more in hopes of a better life, yet the chase never seems to end.

We have such complex and busy schedules, yet we neglect time for the simpler and meaningful things like spending time with our families.

“Embrace simplicity.”
“Want less.”
“Be content with what you currently have.”

Sure we’ve heard all of that before.

And we know that it’s easier said than done.

We’ve been conditioned by society, our parents, our teachers, to have goals and ambitions in life.

To be a millionaire.
To own a Lamborghini.
To have the latest gadgets.
To have better, more expensive clothes.

We live in a world that encourages materialism and superficiality.

A world that says more is better.
A world that rewards complexity.
A world that has insanely unrealistic beauty standards.

It’s no surprise more and more people are getting depressed and unhappy.

I’m not saying that having goals and having desires are bad.

Having goals are awesome.

But just take a closer look at those goals and determine what kind of goals they are.

And ask yourself why you really want to achieve those goals.

Because the goals that truly matter in life tend to be non-materialistic.

Materialistic goals only serve to fuel the desire for wanting more.

Once a materialistic goal is achieved, there’s always another.

It never ends.

If you can relate to this, it’s time to undergo a mental shift.


7 thoughts on “Why You Might Be Setting The Wrong Goals For Yourself.

    1. I agree completely, when you are referring to material, image, power, or other concepts we passionately desire as much or more than material or conceptions.

      However, unhapiness is often an emotional need, not easily tucked away. Or a psychological need, possibly obscured from your rational observation.

      I find what works for me is a simple sentence. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Shrug, and move on. 😉 Jim Kirk Wiggins

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