How To Achieve An Optimal State Of Mind For Living Life.

One of productivity’s best-kept secret is about achieving and maintaining a particular state of mind that we don’t often think about. 

A state that’s present.
A state that’s free from worry and anxiety.
And a state of balance.

Martial artists know this best.

Being calm but alert makes a better fighter.
Contrary to what you see in the movies, being emotional, anxious or angry in a fight actually makes you a horrible fighter.

Your judgement is clouded
You can’t think straight.
There’s so much going on in your head.

And you’re just consumed with negative emotions and being stuck in your head that you just can’t perform at your best.

It’s the same with living life.

Being in a state of constant worry, anxiety and negative emotions takes its toll in the long run.

Your work suffers.
You get tired way too easily.
You feel like life is a huge drain.

And that’s a tough way to live.

We ideally want to achieve a state in which we’re calm but alert.
Relaxed but ready.

It’s about finding that balance between being relaxed while still being on your toes.

And I’ll admit, it’s not an easy state to achieve.

Because we typically tend to be at either ends of the spectrum.

We’re either stressed out or too relaxed.

Being stressed out makes you fatigue and burn out a lot quicker.
Being too relaxed makes you unproductive and lazy.

We ideally want to be a little bit of both.

And we can only achieve that by firstly being aware of how we’re feeling at the present moment.

So develop the skill of being able to recognise if you’re overwhelmed and deal with it.
Take a break.
Get some exercise.

And also develop the skill of being able to recognise if you’re feeling too relaxed or lazy and deal with it too.
Cut out distractions.
Get some exercise.

The more you learn to do this, the more you’ll learn to be calm and productive while keeping stress levels low.

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