1 Simple Tip To Be More Sociable.

You don’t have to say anything.
You don’t have to do anything inconvenient.
And it’s really simple.

Just nod your head.

When you see someone and you want to acknowledge their presence, nod your head.
When someone’s talking to you, nod your head.
When you’re talking to someone, nod your head.

Just imagine you’re talking to someone about an exciting trip you recently went on and their head just stays still throughout the entire conversation.

How would you feel?

Head movement is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects in body language.

It might sound trivial but it makes a HUGE difference.

A simple head nod signals acceptance, openness, friendliness and warmth.

Very much like a smile but it’s very subtle.

If you watch a video clip of two people talking and mute the volume, you’ll probably find that the person who’s more “expressive” with their head movements to be more likeable.

This doesn’t mean that you should nod or shake your head violently ALL the time when you’re talking to someone.

Just simply be aware of your head and neck for a start.

Is it stiff?
Does it feel free?

People can pick up even the slightest head movement because they’re looking at your eyes when they’re talking to you.

All other aspects of body language are insignificant.

“Use hand gestures when you talk”.
“Smile when you’re talking”.
“Adopt more open body language”.

All of that doesn’t matter if your head is as still as a talking robot.

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