Live in the Now.

The future can be quite scary to think about.

The uncertainty.
The doubts.
The what-ifs.

So don’t.

As important as the future is, the present moment matters more.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Focus too much on the future and you miss out on living the present moment to its fullest.

The same goes if you’re also too fixated on the past.

Think about it.

When you’re constantly worried about the future, you’re spending the present moment doing just that instead of being productive and enjoying life as it is.

What you do now is supposed to affect and determine your future anyway.

So the more you worry, the more you stress yourself out and don’t accomplish as much.

Then you end up worrying even more.

Kind of a catch-22 situation.

Living life is all about living in the now.

Don’t get me wrong, planning for the future is good.

But we need to remember that not everything will go according to plan anyway.

And that’s okay.

Because the present moment matters most.

Instead of fixating and worrying about the future, it makes a lot more sense to focus your efforts on doing the best you currently can.

When you’re getting work done, don’t think about how much work you have left.
Or worry about how your boss will think of your work.
Or wish that the work would end soon.

Just work.

And find some form of enjoyment in the process.

Getting too caught up worrying and thinking about the future and the outcomes only cause unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Which leads to reduced work quality too.

Live in the now.

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