If You Feel Overwhelmed.

Take a break.

Play a game.
Do something you like.

Life’s too short to be constantly burnt out anyway.

You don’t have to be productive all the time.

Even machines and robots need some downtime.

It’s no different for us humans.

Think long-term.

If you’re constantly feeling burnt out, getting sick often and producing lower quality work even though you’re slogging it out, you’re defeating the purpose of working hard anyway.

But if you’re always scheduling the time to play and rest even during a busy day, you’re preventing yourself from burning out in the long run.

You’re likely to be more productive and your quality of work will be a lot better too.

Even if it’s just taking 5 minutes off your busy day to watch a funny video or play a game on your phone.


The moment you realise that you’re tired and burned out is already too late.

Better to prevent than to cure.

Because the downtime that you need to recover from a burned out state might take even longer than if you were to just schedule frequent short periods of rest throughout your workday.

Think smart.
Work smart.


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