Why You Need To Play Video Games.

As we get older, we have less time to do stuff that we did when we were younger.

One of them is playing video games.

But that’s the thing.

We need to play them more.

I’m not necessarily talking about playing big PC games like Fortnite or Apex Legends though (you could if you want to).

Just play any game that you have.

Be it on your phone or on your computer.

We’re always being told that exercise is good for us right?

Think of video games as exercise for the brain.

Nothing stimulates the brain like a good puzzle game.

Especially puzzle games like Sudoku or Tetris.

Play a game or two every day and give that brain a mental workout.

You could make it a habit to play for just 5 minutes in the morning when you wake up or in the evening you’re done with the day’s work.

It sharpens your mind.
You’ll be more quick-witted.
You’ll understand things a lot faster.

And it also prevents disorders that negatively impact your cognitive abilities such as Alzheimer’s and any form of cognitive impairment.

Provided that you play games regularly over the long term.

All you need is just 5 minutes of mental fitness every day.

2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Play Video Games.

    1. Okay, that’s an interesting perspective. Would you say you disagree with the science/research that puzzle games such as Sudoku and Chess help to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia due to the increase in grey matter?


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