The Need for Validation.

Do you have a constant need for validation?

I think we all do to various extents.

One person may feel the need to be constantly praised and complimented.
Another person may have the need to be checked out for their appearance.
Another person may just want attention.

Nothing wrong with that.

But there definitely is healthy and unhealthy validation.

Take a look at your own need for validation as an example.

How do they make you feel?

If your need for validation causes you to feel insecure, inadequate, stressed or any other negative emotion, that’s most likely unhealthy validation.

If your need for validation causes you to work harder, inspires you, makes you want to do and be better, then that’s good.

But what if you realise that you have an unhealthy need for validation then?

No worries.

You can always work towards changing that.

A lot of unhealthy validation stem from poor management of thoughts.

Wanting to feel accepted, validated or recognised isn’t bad.

It’s the self-talk that occurs when we do or don’t receive validation that matter most.



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