Coping With Stress.

It’s near impossible to avoid stress.

And pretty much everyone experiences it to some degree every day.

Unless your day consists of doing absolutely nothing.

In which case, you don’t need this post then!

But for the majority of us who experience some sort of stress in our daily lives, here’s a simple method for coping with it.

Count to 10.

If you don’t feel better after that.

Count to 10 again.

If you still don’t feel better.

Do it again and again.

Remember that stress is self-induced.

It’s there because you’ve been fixated on the negative thoughts that are running through your mind.

Counting to 10 helps to take your mind off whatever that’s stressing you out.

Take your mind off the stressful thoughts long enough and you’ll start to feel better.

Count to 10.


What’s Your Rhythm?

Everything has rhythm.

In music, rhythm sets the tempo, mood, dynamic and vibe of a song.
In combat sports, a fighter’s rhythm contributes to the pace of the fight and how energetic the fight becomes.

It’s no different when it comes to living our lives.

What’s your rhythm like?

Are you busy all the time?
Do you always feel like you don’t have enough time?
Do you feel overwhelmed?

Some of us are blazing through life at breakneck speed and being exhausted all the time.

Figure out your rhythm for living life.

It could mean doing lesser things for a given day.
It could mean doing things slower than usual.
It could mean scheduling in more breaks or more personal time to rest.

You’ll know when you find your rhythm.

Everything will feel balanced.

What’s your rhythm for living life?

Stop and Breathe.

Take a moment right now to pay attention to your breath.

No matter how busy life can get, the breath is always there with you.

Worries come and go.
Thoughts come and go.
Even people come and go.

But the breath is always there.
It never goes away.
It’s permanent, everlasting.

It’s there with you in the darkest of times.
And it’s there with you in the happiest moments of your life.

The only time when the breath is gone is when you’re no longer alive.

Acknowledge it whenever you can.

Count it when you inhale and exhale.

Focus on it whenever you’re overwhelmed by life.

Let it bring peace and calm.

Make your breath your best friend.

Your Purpose in Life.

We are all meant to do great and awesome things with our lives.

Find purpose.
Find meaning.
Find your calling.

Find something that you resonate with and pursue it relentlessly.

Life’s too short to settle and not go all out.

Stay hungry, don’t settle.

A Calm Mind.

A calm mind is present.
A calm mind is detached from negative thoughts.
A calm mind is free.

Cultivate calmness of the mind.

Become more efficient, productive and happier.

Meditate freely.
Exercise intensely.
Laugh often.

Cultivate calmness of the mind.

And remember that nothing can disrupt your state of mind unless you allow it to.

The Best Version of Yourself.

It’s about cultivating a certain state of mind.
It’s about living and pursuing your purpose.
It’s about never-ending self improvement – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Live well.
Never stop learning.
Never stop improving.

Become a better version of yourself everyday.

Read more.
Experiment more.
Socialize more.

Be open to new ideas.
Be open to new experiences.
Keep yourself busy and productive.

Life’s too short to laze around.
Life’s too short to spend time worrying.

Get out other and do stuff that makes you uncomfortable.

Get out there and live your life.

Benefits of Waking Up Early.

If you want more energy throughout the day, wake up early.
If you want improved clarity of mind and focus, wake up early.
If you want to get more stuff done, wake up early.

Research has shown that productivity levels are much higher in the morning too.

Your energy tank is full.
Motivation is higher.
And your focus is a lot better too.

We tend to be less productive the more we stay up during the night since we’re already fatigued from the day.

Just think of activities that you can schedule in the morning when you wake up instead of doing them in the evening or at night.

This leaves you time to unwind in the evening and night when you get home from work instead of having more things to do.