The Secret to Doing Effortless Work.

Most of us have day jobs.

9-5 jobs some would say.

And you probably know how tiring and draining the days can get.

When Fridays come by, we’re all barely surviving the workweek.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could work and produce just as much without feeling drained?

All we have to do is understand how the body functions.

Then come up with an easy plan to follow.

There are 3 important points to note about the human body when it comes to work and focus.

The first important point is that the human body isn’t designed to be stationary for long periods of time.

Movement was key and necessary to the survival of the human race as our caveman ancestors had to move frequently to hunt for food and to run away from predators.

The second is that the body needs sufficient water to function at its best and avoid fatigue.

70% of the human body is made up of water so ensuring that you have enough of it guarantees that your body is operating at it’s fullest potential without the need to fuel it with stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks.

And the third point to take note of is that the body thrives on routine.

This is why we’re being told to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

Now with all this in mind, what’s the solution to working without feeling drained then?

Work in short bursts.

This means working intensely for a relatively short period of time, then taking a break.

It’s up to you to decide how long you want each ‘work sprint’ to last.

But it has to be under an hour.

That’s just the first part – the work sprint duration.

The more important part is what you do during your break.

Because it influences how your next work sprint is going to be like.

We overlook the importance of having a productive break ‘routine’.

Ideally, your break should consist of movement and hydration.

These two will bring you the most bang for your buck when it comes to recharging your body for the next sprint.

So go ahead and do some jumping jacks, push-ups or take a short walk for movement.

Then get some healthy fluids in your body by drinking water, juice or even tea for hydration.

Following this ‘protocol’ will address all the important points we need to take note of when it comes to working productively without feeling drained.

You’ll be more than ready for every work sprint ahead of you.


3 Little Things You Can Do To Live Life Better.

We all know that good and healthy habits are important for us.

Exercise, eating clean foods and all that good stuff.

But they might seem a little too daunting to do for some.

So let’s take it down a notch.

Let’s think of the little things that can be done easily regularly. 

But don’t underestimate them.

They make a huge impact on our lives.

And also serve as a starting point for creating good habits.

One of them is to sit still for a minute and focus on your breath.

A lot of times our bodies and minds need some time to be left alone and heal.

This can only mean good things as you gain clarity of mind, become more productive and have more energy.

Another one is to do 5 jumping jacks.

The importance of moving and exercising cannot be stressed enough and the simplest way to do that is to just do 5 jumping jacks.

And the most important is to take a sip of water.

Adequate hydration solves a lot of unnecessary problems such as headaches and fatigue.

Taking sips of water regularly throughout the day will help a lot.

Not to mention that it also helps to boost your mood.

So there you have it.

These are just 3 tiny, healthy actions you can do with ease.

You’ll start to see the benefits manifest themselves over time as you stick with them.

It’s all about compound interest.

The more you stick with it in the long term, the more these actions will reward you.

As the habits grow, so do the rewards and benefits you’ll experience in your life.

So try incorporating the 3 actions above regularly in your life and see what they’ll do for you.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete too.

It’s up to you to add more volume to them but try them out as they are.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Why Your Health Matters Most.

A lot of times when we’re talking about health, we’re usually thinking about our physical health.

But being a truly healthy human being also means being healthy in two other areas.

Emotional and mental.

And a person who is emotionally, physically and mentally healthy is going to be living a much more meaningful life than someone who’s not.

They’ll be able to accomplish more, have more meaningful relationships with others, and have an abundant amount of energy to live life.

Our health affects other areas of our life.

It’s probably something that we don’t think about when it comes to our health.

But if we’re physically unhealthy, we’ll be constantly feeling sluggish, low on energy and be less productive as a result.

If we’re emotionally unhealthy, we won’t be able to connect very well with others, we’ll find it hard to manage negative emotions such as anger, sorrow, fear or envy, and our social interactions with others suffer as a result.

If we’re mentally unhealthy, we’ll be constantly replaying negative thoughts in our minds, making us pessimistic, which ultimately affects our overall mood and state of mind. 

Our health affects everything in our lives.

So in the pursuit of improving yourselves, remember that your physical, mental and emotional health will impact your decisions, interactions and determine your mood.

Neglecting your health will only make things worse.

Take some time out to evaluate how you’re doing in terms of your emotional, mental and physical health.

Do you find it hard to snap out of negative emotions?

Is it difficult for you to see the good in others and in stressful situations?

How often do you exercise?

Start taking action to improve in these areas.

It’s time to level up your health.

Simplifying Weight Loss.

The majority of us don’t really want to know how to gain weight.

It’s quite the opposite actually.

We’re all looking for ways to lose weight.

Except maybe for hard gainers and skinny people.

The rest of us typically struggle with managing our weight.

Especially later on in our lives when our metabolisms start to slow down.

But in order to know how to effectively decrease our body fat levels, we also need to know how to gain it.

Wait, that’s easy right?

Eating junk food is one way of gaining weight.

They’re high in calories and almost always high in saturated fat, sodium and maybe sugar.

Not exercising is another one right?

We all know that a lack of activity causes weight gain since the body requires even lesser calories to function.

Drinking sugary drinks often and not drinking plenty of water is another one too.

Sugary drinks are loaded with calories and if we’re not drinking enough water, we’re not taking advantage of water’s useful function in detoxifying and cleansing our body.

Now that we’ve covered how to gain weight, what then?

Well, for a start.

Don’t do them!

Just think of all the possible ways that will lead to fat gain and try not to do them.

Notice that I used the word ‘try’.

Because it’s easier said than done.

Mainly because we’re so used to our unhealthy ways and habits that it’s tough to just stop.

Some of us are used to eating potato chips when we’re watching our favourite tv series.
Some of us would rather have soda instead of plain ol’ water during lunch.

And I don’t blame you at all.

But just think of all the ways you could gain fat and do whatever it takes to stay away from them.

How to Avoid Burnout.

The moment when you feel like life seems to be throwing everything at you.

And you feel overwhelmed by everything.

That’s the exact moment you need to do the steps mentioned in this post.

Or even way before you’re starting to feel burnt out by all the work and responsibilities.

Actually, no.

You should start implementing these burnout-prevention steps NOW.

Prevention is better than cure after all.

But if we really want to prevent ourselves from burning out while being as productive as possible, just do this one thing.

Slow down.

And I mean literally slow things down.

Whatever task or action you have to do, be it typing on the keyboard, the laundry, homework, taking out the trash, anything.

Slow down your movements while doing these tasks.

We burn out so much quicker when we move too fast to get things done quickly.

This isn’t optimal for your health.

And neither is it optimal for your productivity in the long run.

Think minimal effort.

Whatever task you have to accomplish, do it by spending as little energy as possible.

But this doesn’t mean half-assing your tasks.

It still means doing them to the best of your ability but by expending lesser energy by doing them slower instead of attempting to rush through them.

This advice is especially for those of us who are running on full steam every day, trying to get as much done as possible and are constantly burning out in the process.

Burning out wrecks our immune system.

We find ourselves being constantly tired, always getting sick, and the quality of our social interactions seem to get worse.  

And it takes up precious time to fully recover from it.

But if you were to go slower and pace yourself, everything flows effortlessly.

Go slower.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

How to Beat the Midday Slump.

We’ve all experienced the midday slump.

That sleepy, drowsy feeling you get in the afternoon.

You’re probably facing it almost daily after lunch.

And it’s tough.

You want to get your work done.
You don’t want your bosses or co-workers to see you struggling to stay awake.
You just wish it could go away.

Well, it can.

And it’s not all that hard to overcome it either.

But a mistake that we commonly make whenever we need more energy is to grab a cup of coffee.

That’s fine but it’s not an optimal solution to the problem.

Because the side effect of that cup of coffee is going to make you even drowsier later on when you crash.

Get moving instead.

One of the ways that many have tried and tested is to get up from your desk and start moving.

Work up a sweat and run out of breath if it’s possible.

Take a walk, climb up and down the stairs, do some squats, anything.

Exercise energizes you.

So the more ‘worked out’ you feel, the more energized you’ll be.

That’s because our body releases endorphins when we exercise.

They’re responsible for not just boosting our energy levels, but also improving our mood at the same time.

Being stagnant at your desk when you’re already drowsy makes things worse.

Get up and get moving.

The Secret to Looking Younger than Your Age.

We all get old.
We all age.

There’s no running from it.

So we’re going to do it in the best way we possibly can.

We know of certain celebrities who just seem to stay as youthful as ever despite their age.

Just do a quick Google search on these people:

Jared Leto
Chuando Tan
Jennifer Lopez
Pharrell Williams

And you’ll see what I mean.

They’re perfect examples of aging done right.

Vibrant appearance, youthful energy and very hard workers.

And they all have something in common that keeps them in such top form at such an age.

They have healthy habits.

I’m not just talking about exercise.

Everyone knows exercise is good for them.

I’m talking about other healthy habits on top of that.

Everyone worries too much about how they look, how they feel, and if they’ll be able to still walk or make it past a certain age alive.

We worry too much.

But if there’s something you should know, it’s this:

Incorporate healthy HABITS into your life and let them take care of it.

Think about it.

If you have a habit of exercising 4 times a week, drinking a gallon of water a day, reading positive affirmations every morning, eating clean foods, etc.

You don’t have to worry about ‘aging badly’.

You’re pretty much set to live and age in the best possible way.

These habits will take care of you.

And the keyword here is ‘habit’.

You want your body to recognize all these healthy actions and activities as habits that you regularly perform with ease.

You won’t feel like procrastinating.
You won’t forget to do them.
And you won’t be pressured to do them in any way.

They just become effortless things you do on a regular basis.

Years down the road, you’ll start to see the benefits manifest themselves in your life.

Build healthy habits and they’ll serve you well.