A Simple Workout.

This workout is perfect if you want to start exercising but you’re not sure where to start.

It’s a cardio workout targeted towards fat loss and improvement of heart health.

In the long run, it results in the prevention of heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

The best part about it is you can do it anywhere too.

You don’t need any equipment.
You don’t need a lot of time to complete the workout.
You just need some space.

Here’s what you’ll do.

30 seconds of jumping jacks.
30 seconds of high knees.
30 seconds of mountain climbers.

End of the workout.

Pretty simple right?

Now do this every day and build the exercise habit.

There’s no excuse for you to miss it because it literally takes less than 5 minutes to complete it.

If you haven’t already cultivated a daily habit of exercising, this is where it begins.


The Need for Validation.

Do you have a constant need for validation?

I think we all do to various extents.

One person may feel the need to be constantly praised and complimented.
Another person may have the need to be checked out for their appearance.
Another person may just want attention.

Nothing wrong with that.

But there definitely is healthy and unhealthy validation.

Take a look at your own need for validation as an example.

How do they make you feel?

If your need for validation causes you to feel insecure, inadequate, stressed or any other negative emotion, that’s most likely unhealthy validation.

If your need for validation causes you to work harder, inspires you, makes you want to do and be better, then that’s good.

But what if you realise that you have an unhealthy need for validation then?

No worries.

You can always work towards changing that.

A lot of unhealthy validation stem from poor management of thoughts.

Wanting to feel accepted, validated or recognised isn’t bad.

It’s the self-talk that occurs when we do or don’t receive validation that matter most.


How to be Fit.

Work out every day.

Not just a few times a week.

It’s better to work out every day for 5 minutes than to exercise for an hour once a week.

That’s the secret.

Sure it would be ideal if we could all work out for an hour every day.

But that’s just not practical.

For a person who works a 9 to 5 job.
It’s not practical.

For a person who hasn’t exercised in years.
It’s not practical.

For a person who has tried and failed so many times to maintain a habit of exercising.

It’s time to start thinking realistically.

Our time is becoming increasingly limited in this busy day and age.

That means we can only do so much in a day.

And to think about introducing a new habit such as exercising only makes it harder on us since it’s competing with what little free time we already have.

Keep your workouts short but frequent.

Even if it’s just as little as 2 minutes of exercise a day.

Just remember short and frequent.

Mindful Eating.

One of the most overlooked parts of our lives is the speed at which we’re consuming our food.

More often than not, we’re eating way too fast than we should.

Even more so when we’re eating alone and don’t have anyone to socialise with.

It’s so normal in this busy day and age where we’re rushing to get a ton of things done for the day that we’re unconsciously speeding up our eating habits.

We don’t get to savour our food.
We tend to overeat.
And in the long run, eating no longer becomes the enjoyable activity that it once was.

Slow down.

Treat eating like a meditative session.

Mindful eating, if you’d like to call it that.

Chew slower.
Notice the flavours of the food.
Notice the texture of the food.

You’ll find food interesting again.
You’ll lose weight from feeling full while eating lesser.
And you’ll be doing your digestive system a favour.

Make eating an experience again.

Be Present.

When you’re consumed by negative thoughts, say to yourself, “Be here, now”.
When you’re overwhelmed by the busy-ness of life, say to yourself, “Be here, now”.
When you feel like giving it all up, say to yourself, “Be here, now”.

When we’re constantly fixated on the past, the future, our thoughts or and worries, we’re just creating unnecessary anxiety and stress.

But not the present moment.

The present is free from worry, anxiety and stress.

There are no thoughts to wallow about.
No worries.
No negative self-talk.

Only what’s in front of you and around you.

Take a deep breath.
Notice the sensations in your body.
Observe the sights and sounds around you.

Take it all in and be grounded in the present moment.

Free yourself from being a slave to your mind.

Living Fearlessly.

If you want to do something, do it without fear of judgement or rejection.

Some of us live in accordance with others’ reactions and perceptions of us.

We do certain activities if others approve of it while we avoid those that others seem to dislike.

“What will people think of me?”
“What if I fail?”
“I don’t want to be judged.”

It could be colouring your hair pink.
It could be picking up an embarrassing hobby that you want to try out.
It could be anything.

As long as what you want to do isn’t hurting anybody, you’re not doing anything wrong.

Instead of truly living, some of us are limiting what we do with our lives.

We’re afraid of rejection, failure and judgement.
We dislike being rejected by others.
We don’t like it when we fail at something.

And we hate being judged.

But it’s about time we stopped caring about all of that and truly lived life.

And there’s no other way around it.
Just take the plunge and do it.

Commit to it fearlessly and realise that you are empowering yourself to live life to its fullest.

The more you do this, the more you realise that rejection, failure and being judged are just minor annoyances that don’t matter.

What matters more is that you’re living your best life.

As fearlessly as possible.

Building Passive Income.

As much as we’re working hard to earn a living, we shouldn’t be forgetting about one of the reasons why we’re working so hard.

To also be able to retire.

And hopefully as young as possible while being able to secure financial freedom.

Think about it.

Imagine if you could have a stream of money coming in every quarter of the year without having to lift a finger and work for that money.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Well, it’s not!

The truth is, you can achieve that.

Everyone can.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to invest in stocks or funds that pay dividends.

This means buying stocks of a company that pays you every year based on the amount of stocks you bought.

So let’s say you bought 10 units of stock from a company like Apple.

Apple will pay you dividends every year for that 10 units of stock that you bought.

So if you buy a huge number of stocks from Apple, they’ll pay you a lot more in dividends every year.

A simple concept.

But the hard part is that you need to be willing to sacrifice your money upfront.

And continuously putting aside a percentage of your income every month to invest in stocks.

This is just one of the many ways to invest and build your wealth.

Put in a lot of money, live off dividends without doing anything.