Plan Your Day.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan.

You don’t have to schedule what you’ll be doing every hour.

Just have a simple plan for what you’re going to do for the day.

One way is to break up your day into two – AM and PM.

Then slot 1 or 2 tasks to get done in the AM.
Slot 1 or 2 tasks to get done in the PM.

If you have a lot of small tasks to get done, slot in more.

Write them down in a to-do list on your phone or in a notebook.

Then refer to it often throughout the day to remind you of the things you have to get done.

Have a plan, structure your day.

Go Slower, Get More Done.

Sounds paradoxical doesn’t it?

But it makes sense.

Going slower means making lesser mistakes.
Going slower means being more focused and less distracted
Going slower means being more in tune with the present moment. 

Not forgetting to mention that not being in a rush all the time especially means that you’re allowing your mind and body to operate at a comfortable pace.

That means lesser chances of burning out.
Lesser chances of feeling overwhelmed.
Lesser stress and anxiety.

This is awesome for your state of mind and emotional health.

Feeling tired and burnt out at the end of each day sucks, let’s face it.

Go slower and get more done.

Counting Calories.

If you’ve been thinking of ways to live a healthier lifestyle, one idea is to consider tracking and counting your caloric intake.

Find out how many calories your body needs to lose, maintain or gain weight.

This is known as your deficit, maintenance and surplus calories.

If you want to lose weight, eat consistently at a caloric deficit.
If you want to maintain your weight, eat at your maintenance calories.
If you want to gain weight, eat at a caloric surplus.

It’s that simple.

And it’s not all that hard too once you get into the groove of it.

Probably the hardest part is refraining from indulging in bad eating habits such as excessive snacking.

Counting calories is also probably the only way to effectively know how much you’re supposed to eat and how much you’ve been eating.

And knowledge is power.

Power to influence yourself to eat or not eat that bag of potato chips.
Power to know when to stop or continue eating.
Power to turn down or accept certain kinds of foods.

Instead of going on different diets and trying out different meal plans, let’s start with the basics of dieting.

Count your calories.

1 Quick Way to Relieve Stress.

Breathe deeply.

Take a long inhale.
Take a long exhale.

That’s all you need.

Just a long, slow inhale into your stomach and full exhale.

Life can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

But know that all you need to make yourself better right now is to just breathe.

Breathe deeply.
Breathe slowly.

You got this.

There’s Always Tomorrow.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to get done, remind yourself that there’s always tomorrow.

You don’t need to get everything done today.

There’s only so much you can do in a day.

Just do what you can and stop worrying.

As long as you’re progressing, the work will eventually get done.

There are only two ways that a to-do list becomes never-ending.
If you’re adding more tasks than you can accomplish.
Or if you’re not doing anything about those tasks.

You can have a big to-do list but set a reasonable amount of tasks to complete in a day.

Leave the rest for another day.

Turn down additional work if you have to.

Your sanity comes first.

The Truth About Living a Healthy Lifestyle.

“Healthy is boring.”
“If it’s enjoyable, it’s probably not healthy.”

Perhaps you’ve heard someone say the lines above.

While they’re true to a certain extent, that doesn’t mean that healthy will always be boring.

If you picture a perfectly healthy person, how would you imagine their day and diet to be like?

Eatings salads, sleeping early, waking up early, doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke, a lot of exercise, etc.

Sounds boring right?

To a certain extent, it is.

And truth be told, it’s almost impossible to keep up with such a lifestyle anyway.

It’s just not sustainable.

“Healthy” people aren’t always 100% healthy.

That’s why they have cheat days, skip going to the gym on some days, etc.

But the majority of their lifestyle is still healthy.

Have a predominantly healthy lifestyle but don’t feel bad about skimping on it every now and then.


In the pursuit of improvement, we may find that we’re unhappier than ever.

The more we seek to improve our financial or social status or appearance, the more we realise that we’re never enough.

Every flaw we find.
Every situation we want to improve.
Every area we want to better in.

They just make us realise how inadequate we are.

But that’s just one way of thinking.

Unfortunately, it’s the most common way of thinking too.

It’s time to change that.

Instead of thinking, “I need to earn more money”, think “It would be good if I earned more but it’s okay if I don’t”.

Instead of thinking, “I need to have a fit body”, think, “It would be good if I have a fit body but it’s okay if I don’t”.

And that’s a tough mindset to cultivate too.

No one in their right mind would say it’s okay to be in a situation they’re unhappy with.

But it’s about time we accept the way things are.

Love yourself for what you already are/have but strive to be the best version of yourself.