Take a walk right now.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes. What matters most is getting out and moving your body and getting physical (somewhat).

Walking sounds like there’s not much to it but we don’t realize how stagnant we’ve become in this modern age. We sit way more than we should and move around way lesser than we should.

You don’t have to run or jog. Taking a walk is fine because let’s face it, we’re more likely to put something off if it’s too daunting to do.

Start walking and you’ll find yourself energized, in a better more positive state of mind, lowering yout risk of getting diseases and disorders like dementia and type 2 diabetes and you’ll just feel awesome at the end of your walk!

So just walk and feel the benefits for yourself.

Exercise is always good for you. Even a simple tiny walk.

The Reason You Can’t Change.

Do you love yourself?

I realize that question may imply some sort of reference to one of Justin Bieber’s songs but trust me that’s not my aim!

But it’s a very important question to ask.

Can you truly look at yourself in the mirror, recognizing your flaws, strengths, weird quirks, facial features, body, habits, and confidently and lovingly say “I love you”?

Because people always talk about changing themselves (myself included). Be it changing for the better or improving oneself. We say things like:

“I need to change my sleeping patterns”.
“I want to change and stop eating junk food”.
“I really need to change and be more sensitive towards my spouse”.

And that’s good. It’s good to want change that will bring about a better quality of life. That’s the kind of change that transforms lives, saves marriages and inspires hope in others.

But the only way for change to truly happen, is if we accept ourselves.

I know it sounds ironic because if we accept and love ourselves for who we are then we wouldn’t want to change right?

That’s a fair argument but the thing is, when we truly love and accept ourselves, our bad habits become even more obvious.

We become even more aware of them because we can recognize how harmful they are to us and to others around us. This is what makes us want to change for the better and that’s good. Striving for change and progress is always good as long as it’s for the better and it’s done in a healthy way.

That’s what self-acceptance does to you and what loving yourself means.

But if we can’t love and accept ourselves first, trying to change is going to be so much harder. It’s not impossible but it’s harder.

So love yourself, strive for growth, surround yourself with positivity and you’ll be heading in the right direction towards lasting change.

Level Up.

The idea of leveling up may be stupid or too nerdy-sounding for some people but I love it.

Role-playing games focus on experience points to level up characters. Platform games focus on going through a set of obstacles in order to get to the next level.

It’s no different from real life.

Students have to study hard for each subject to level up and earn better grades. Employees are always striving to level up and earn promotions and raises at work. Entrepreneurs are always seeking to level up by working and searching for their next big opportunity.

Almost all of us are looking for ways to level up, be it at work, health and fitness or even personal relationships.

But the one common thing that leveling up has for all these different scenarios is that you always become a better, improved version of yourself than before. Always. Hard work always pays.

The fact that putting in time and effort means you’re changing yourself for the better? Who wouldn’t like that? For some, this drives them to work even harder every day because that means earning more experience points which means leveling up faster.

But some don’t.

Think of a stagnant person who just sits on the couch, watches tv the whole day and does nothing for 7 days a week. How many experience points does he/she gain from that kind of lifestyle? Probably not much at all.

But picture a vibrant individual who constantly gets out of his comfort zone, takes up challenges, spends more time moving around than sitting and is always looking for ways to level up himself. How many experience points does he/she gain compared to the couch potato. Definitely a lot more. And their appearances, characters and mannerisms will reflect their lifestyles too.

You deserve to live life as the best version of yourself because it’s really much more fun that way, rather than being constantly depressed and indulgent in things which add no value to your life. Indulge in good habits, always seek to level up and you’ll always be in good hands no matter where you are 10 years from now.

If you want to be Happy.

You are amazing the way you are.

And you don’t need anyone to tell you if you are or you’re not.

We’re all different, unique and special in our different ways and that’s why we should embrace it all. Embrace everything about ourselves, even the funny weird quirks that we have because that’s what truly makes us different and special from others.

We all have different fingerprints from others. No two person shares the same fingerprint. So why should you want to be like someone else when your fingerprint clearly tells you to be different?

Like wishing you had the life of someone glamorous you know or wishing you had features like a certain celebrity and even hating yourself for such reasons.

Stop that.

Be content with who you are and what you have. Because true happiness happens only when you can accept that. Wishing that you could change this or that about yourself or your spouse or anything else will never make you happy.

If you can’t accept things the way they are, you’ll never truly be happy.

Some people will say things like,

“I’ll be happy when I have a nice body”.
“I’ll be happy when my kids behave and do better in school”.
“I’ll be happy when I earn [insert a huge sum of money here] every month”.

But the truth is, once you’ve attained all those things, you’ll still keep wanting more and you’ll never be satisfied.

That’s why there are unhappy rich people and happy poor people. It’s not the money or materialistic stuff that makes you happy. It’s really the mindset you have towards the materialistic stuff and the people you surround yourself with that’ll make a huge impact on your happiness.

Be a slave to the material world and you’ll always be searching for the next high to fuel your temporary happiness. But master it and you’ll find that the quality of your life does not depend on how much you have but what you have.

Appreciate what you have, because there are a lot more people and children we don’t see, who are suffering so much more than us.

The Secret to Success.

When someone tells you you can’t do something and shoots you down for it, ask them what they’ve accomplished with their life so far.

Try it.

Chances are they can’t really answer that question because people who bring others down are usually not doing very well themselves. Such negative people don’t want to see others succeed and improve while they stay stuck in their negative and stubborn ways. People who have made it are going to be the ones who will encourage you while the ones who have given up will shoot you down.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

And it’s sad. So many people not pursuing their dreams and ambitions because of people telling them they can’t do this and they can’t do that.

Find your passion, pursue it, and ignore those who say you can’t do it. Because there have been so many who came before you who made it despite other people telling them they can’t do it.

Like Oprah Winfrey who endured an abusive childhood and was fired from her television reporter job for being “unfit for tv”. Hard to believe I know. But that didn’t stop her. Now she hosts her own tv show, makes millions of dollars and is one of the most charismatic people alive.

Don’t worry about failing. So what if you fail? You just get right back up and keep pushing forward. That’s what winners do!

Just think of a kid who’s trying to learn how to walk. They fall so many times. Sometimes pretty badly too. But they get right up over and over and over again and finally learn to walk.

They don’t give up so why you should you when it comes to everything else? We don’t see able-bodied adults still crawling on the floor like babies right? We all know how to do it. And we all know what it takes to get there all along.

Fall and get up.

Do it enough times and major breakthroughs are bound to happen. Don’t be afraid to fail because failures are stepping stones to greatness and we need them if really want to succeed. Fall and get right back up.

The Incredible Value of Hard Work.

We all want to get somewhere, but we don’t necessarily want to do what it takes to get there.

Like earning a million bucks or buying a really expensive car or landing that dream job of yours. We want all that good stuff but we don’t really want to go through the pain and effort of getting there because let’s face it.

It’s tough.

Life would be so much better if we could just wish for anything we wanted and get it right?


Because we don’t really learn or gain anything that way. That’s the easy way. And people who always take the easy way don’t really know the value of hard work and dedication.

Think of the last time you really put in 100% of your effort into doing something and the outcome was just as awesome as the work you put in. I’m willing to bet you felt amazing and learnt a whole lot along the way.

Getting there is just as important as being there.

Don’t run away from the tough journeys. Embrace them.

The more difficult journeys we go through, the more we challenge ourselves and build incredible mental and emotional strength. This means being even more positive and less negative.

People who recognize this fare so much better in achieving their goals. It’s all about putting in the work, learning from mistakes, and not giving up. Nothing is more satisfying than being to able to scream “I did it!!!” after working your butt off for countless hours.

The Best Time of the Day.

Is 5am.

Crazy I know.

“Who in the right mind would torture and force themselves to be awake at such a time?”, you may ask.

And I know that some of us are night owls who really can’t be awake at such a time. How can there possibly be any benefits to waking up at 5am right?

Well, there are. And the benefits are numerous.

I was skeptical myself about starting the day at 5am because I hated mornings.

But now?

The mornings are literally spent doing everything I needed to do for the day. By noon, I’m usually free from having to do chores or errands, done exercising, and still have a ton of energy to tackle the rest of the day.

If you’re looking to be as productive as possible, the morning is undeniably the best time of the day to get your best work done.

This is especially true if you have a day job and a side business you’re working on. Working on your side business at 5am is so much better than working on it after work at 5pm.

5am is the time when you’re fully rested and more importantly with no one awake to bother you. Your phone isn’t buzzing, your email isn’t flooding, everyone in the house is still sleeping. You can fully focus on your work and be really REALLY productive.

Some of the most successful CEOs and leaders of companies know this little secret too and wake up really early every day. It’s no wonder they’re able to accomplish so much within the same 24 hours that we all have. They make full use of their mornings.

Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) wakes up at 3.45am.
Richard Branson (Virgin’s CEO) wakes up at 5.45am.
Donald Trump (controversial but undeniably successful guy) wakes up at 5.30am.

And these people accomplish so much.

So wake up at 5am, have a killer morning routine and get so much more done while still feeling great and positive throughout the day.

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
– Benjamin Franklin