Perfect Doesn’t Exist.

Why do we judge others when we’re not perfect ourselves?

Why do we look at the imperfections of others and blame them for not doing things our way when we’re imperfect ourselves?

Why do we expect things to be perfect in an imperfect world?

Perfect is a false word that doesn’t exist. Nothing in this world is perfect. The word ‘perfect’ shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

Forget about perfect. Forget about imagining a perfect life. Forget about having a perfect spouse, friends, children, career and everything else that you want to be perfect.

Nothing in this world is perfect.

Harsh words but it’s important that we realize that. The sooner we accept that, the less disappointed and miserable we become when things don’t go our way.

Even when we think celebrities have the perfect life, we’re just looking at the glamorous side that they want us to see. They don’t show you what goes on when the cameras are cut and they’re by themselves, thinking about life the same way you and I do.

Some of us have already realized by now that life can be really tough. And it’s supposed to be. But imagining and wishing things were perfect does very little to prepare ourselves for even more challenges that will crop up in the future.

Have a resilient mind and an unshakable desire to always be above your problems and challenges. You may not be perfect but you can be amazingly strong mentally, emotionally and physically to deal with life’s challenges with ease as they come.

When it really comes down to it, the strongest and most resilient always survives and wins. Always strive to be at your peak level of condition and state of mind so that you’re always ready to deal with that random negative event when it comes up.

Never underestimate what you’re capable of.

13 thoughts on “Perfect Doesn’t Exist.

    1. That’s another valid perspective too Joachim. I agree that it could be put that way too depending on how we view everything. Thank you for that.

      At least for me, I believe the world hasn’t always been perfect. If everything was perfect then we wouldn’t have starving children in certain parts of the world while the wealthy get to eat luxuriously. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have bombings, shootings and have innocent lives taken from their families. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have hurricanes and tsunamis destroying homes and taking lives. In a perfect world, crime wouldn’t exist.

      But yet there is so much good and positivity in this world that it balances out the negatives and inspires hope.

      It’s okay to embrace that not everything is perfect. The most important thing is how we deal with that imperfection.


  1. kia ora

    thx for the like on my blog (etdwnz) ka pai e hoa

    btw; try reading ‘The Desiderata’ .. go quietly amid the noise & haste…

    Zedd in NZ


  2. Great post! One of the reasons for having a dog is they either blow away whatever your plans might have been or give you moments of utter joy that are totally unexpected. That’s perfect, just for a moment. 🙂


  3. Yeah, perfection is only in words so to say. Jesus said My Father is perfect and you have to be made perfect.

    Perfection does not mean exclusion of faults or mistakes but attaining to be perfect is what levels up our life in Christ.


  4. Wonderful post! I believe this is a wonderful article to share with children as well. We live in a society that seeks this incredibly distorted notion of perfect that can be so hard for both adults and children. Thank you for touching on such an incredibly important topic in a meaningful and beautiful way.


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