Letting Go.

Are you good at snapping out of a bad mood?

We all get angry, annoyed, frustrated, anxious and upset from time to time.

It’s normal.
It’s perfectly human.
And It’s probably weird if you don’t, actually.

It’s impossible to avoid being upset.

But the more important thing to take note is how long you stay upset for.

Do you get over those negative emotions quickly?
Do you seem to stay stuck in the negativity?
Do you find it hard to “move on” from a negative emotion or situation?

And It’s something that we sadly don’t place much emphasis on either – our emotional health.

Emotional health probably isn’t talked about or sought after as much as other forms of health, such as physical and mental health.

But having great emotional health isn’t about being able to avoid experiencing negative emotions.

That’s impossible to do anyway.

It’s about having the ability to get over negative emotions effectively.

This doesn’t necessarily mean getting over them as quickly as possible.

It’s about knowing how to deal with them in healthy ways.
And ways that you know that work for you.

We don’t allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the negative self-talk.

Because we’re in control.

That’s what being emotionally healthy truly means.

And there’s one thing in common that all emotionally healthy people have.

The ability to let go.

Upset because your boyfriend showed up late?
It’s just half an hour, let it go.

Sad that you weren’t invited to a party?
It’s just a party, let it go.

Frustrated because you keep dying in a video game?
It’s just a game, let it go.

Of course, there are situations and emotions that are harder to let go.

But the concept of letting go is so underrated and overlooked.

Sure, talking to a friend might make you feel better.
Or eating ice cream.
Or exercising.

But learning to let go is almost like a life hack or superpower once you master it.

Just imagine having the ability to get over emotions whenever you want to.

Sounds pretty cool right?

It’s possible too.

We just need to practice and strengthen the ability to do it.

Adopt the mindset that negative situations are normal occurrences in life.
Accept the fact that not everything will go your way.

There’s no point dwelling in negativity and crying over spilt milk.

It’s all a mental game.

You have only one life to live anyway.

Fill it up with the good stuff.

Accept and let go.

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