The Best Way to Deal with Negative Thoughts.

Stop and observe them.

Always remember that when you have thoughts, cravings, wants and urges, you don’t have to buy into them.

Remember that they are simply made up by your mind and that you have a choice whether to act upon them and let them affect you. Let the negative and unwanted thoughts affect you and you’ll become even more self conscious, more depressed, more selfish, more impulsive.

You are the only one responsible for allowing what can and cannot affect you.
You always have a choice.
Make a conscious choice to not let the bad thoughts of the mind affect you.

Your mind will say,
“I’m fat”.
“I’m ugly”.
“I’m just not good enough no matter how hard I try”.

But they’re not true unless you believe in them and accept them to be true.
Otherwise, they’re just random thoughts.
Don’t let such thoughts affect you.

They are just negative self talk that the mind comes up with every now and then. And it’s normal to have negative thoughts like that. We all have them. But if you believe in them and let them affect you, then your entire being will start to believe and become them.

So every time a thought comes up, stop and observe it.

Is it a good or bad thought?

If it’s good then good, let it absorb into your being and consciousness and accept it.

If it’s bad, then counter it with a positive thought and bring balance. Every time unwanted and negative self talk occurs, always counter it with a positive thought/affirmation. Don’t leave that negative thought hanging because it’s still going to haunt you unless there’s balance.

Balance the negative thought and be in a better state of mind.
Because it’s only with balance can we truly be happy and content.

23 thoughts on “The Best Way to Deal with Negative Thoughts.

  1. I very good message that needs to be shared. Very well explained and I am glad it is present on these kind of platforms. I only hope that people remember that a complete change may take time, for often I find that people try to push self-control and change on others without acknowledging that true change may need more time that one would perhaps wish for. That pushing when someone is not ready may instead cause adverse effects.

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    1. Definitely, arcticblizzard. We can only inspire and encourage change patiently on others. Forcing and demanding it only leads to more stress and negative outcomes for others and ourselves.

      And if you think there’s someone you know who could benefit from this post, it would be good for them to read it. Thanks for your insightful opinion!

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  2. I love that about it too! Sometimes, the simpler the message, the more powerful its impact is. I’m glad you liked the post and I hope you have a good day/evening ahead of you, Imani.


  3. I have a technique called BLR everytime I feel negative I Breathe out, I Label what I am feeling and then I Reappraise to see positive – what can I appreciate, what can I learn? What can I be thankful for?

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    1. I’m glad you brought that up, Gen. I think alot of us here could benefit from your BLR technique. I count my inhales and exhales as an alternative de-stressing method too. Thank you for sharing this great piece of wisdom!


  4. We were impressed with your piece. In fact, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were over the moon with joy that some humans obviously have wisdom (an issue we at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog often wonder about!). Thanks for posting and the best of greetings out of the magical Black Forest. 🙂

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