The Strange Truth About Discomfort.

We need it.

We need discomfort in our lives because it’s the only way we grow and improve. We don’t improve ourselves when we do comfortable tasks that are easy.

Definitely not.

Without discomfort, there is no growth.

We grow when we do things that make us uncomfortable, things that scare us even, things that force us to face our fears (like public speaking), things that are out of our comfort zone.

Ask yourself this question,
“If I did an uncomfortable task repeatedly over a period of time, would I still be uncomfortable doing it eventually?”

Most likely not, and you would have greatly reaped the benefits of doing that uncomfortable task over and over again. It doesn’t become uncomfortable anymore.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The more you learn to be comfortable with discomfort, the more mentally and emotionally resilient you become. Your willpower increases. You’re not easily affected by stressful or uncomfortable situations. You’ll feel awesome and just be so much more positive because you’re pushing yourself to go out there to challenge yourself and prove to yourself just what you’re capable of.

There’s nothing more amazing than being able to say,
“I conquered my fear of public speaking”.
“I’m no longer socially awkward”.
“I’m not afraid of dogs anymore”.

Remember that doing uncomfortable tasks has benefits. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and that’s always a good thing. So the more you sow, the more you’ll reap.

The more you speak to large audiences, the less afraid you’ll become. The more you socialize and talk to people, the better you get at socializing and interacting with others. The more time you spend with dogs, the more you realize that they look up to you for guidance and leadership. The more cold showers you take, the more alive and energized you’ll feel.

But it’s only possible if you take that first step and embrace discomfort as a means for growth. Strive for growth and improvement and your body will take good care of you. Discomfort is good for you. Embrace it and never stop growing.

27 thoughts on “The Strange Truth About Discomfort.

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. We all need to remember this fact now and then. It is a good advice for anything : for raising the children, for job and hobbies, for weight control, and for so much more.

    Few days ago I met 50 years old woman who were acting like a teenager and she really was a difficult person. I think nobody has told her about her behavior, so she didn’t need to learn how to treat other people. It is easier to avoid such a person, than to comment about her behavior, even it could be a good thing for herself. Usually this type of people gathers patient people around them, so they rarely gets challenges to grow as a person.

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    1. Thank you for sharing such a story too, Taia. On the bright side, I’m sure those patient people who are still around her have learnt a thing or two about dealing with such difficult people. That’s really good for them! It says a lot about their character.

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  2. This post was greatly appreciated, as it hit home with me! As you know, I just started blogging, and in my mind, I kept going back and forth for months about doing this. I am sure it had everything to do with it being out of my comfort zone! So you actually writing this post kind of gave me a type of reassurance, so to speak! Thanks also for the viewing and liking of my post by the way! As I said, it helped a lot to know that someone out there actually cared enough to read it! Thanks, and I hope to read more of your post! They’re really inspiring to someone who has been in a kind of negative place since all the surgeries! Thanks again!

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    1. You’re very welcome! I just want you to know that I greatly appreciate this hearty comment of yours. I’m really happy that you’ve found inspiration in this humble blog and I wish for nothing but the best for you. Your words inspire me!

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    1. Thank you for the encouraging words, bilingualvegetable! We naturally avoid uncomfortable situations but we don’t realize that they’re actually beneficial for us in the long run.


  3. Very interesting piece. I took a creative writing course my senior year of high school, and actually wrote a slam poem about discomfort! It was very similar, and it goes without saying that I really related to this piece! 🙂 I think discomfort has the potential to actually be liberating at times. Pushing ourselves to do things we don’t normally do, allows us to explore different aspects of our lives, and naturally calls for self reflection (which in itself, CAN be very uncomfortable!)

    I recently stood up to my father, who was abusive towards me (and other members of my family.) We haven’t spoken since, and it was my first time speaking up for myself because I had been extremely scared of my father before that.
    However, stepping out of my comfort zone has allowed me to get rid of someone who was probably the most toxic person in my life. In this situation, discomfort actually meant power, because staying in my comfort zone would mean having had to continue being afraid, being abused, being humiliated.

    Discomfort is not always a bad thing, and your post enlightened me on that. I thank you for sharing your thoughts, and helping me realize this! 🙂

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    1. Wow. Angela, I can’t thank you enough for sharing that with us. You’re an amazing and strong person. Discomfort here actually meant stopping abusive behavior not just towards you, but also your family members. I’m inspired and moved.

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