Make Your Stand.

It’s hard to say no when everyone else is saying yes.
It’s scary to go against the norm.
And it’s a lot easier to just agree and go along with everything.

But if you feel strongly compelled to act against something.
And if you feel really uncomfortable with where things are going.

Speak. Out.

If you’ve always been subjected to groupthink, it’s about time that you make a stand for yourself.

Being a doormat and pushover isn’t going to command you much respect anyway.

Say no fearlessly when you really feel the need to and stick with it.

As scary and “rude” as it sounds, others will respect you for it.

And as much as it feels bad to say no to others, you’ll feel more empowered.

When you do it out of authenticity.
When you do it not because you’re trying to please or impress anyone.
When you do it out of a strong personal conviction.

You’ll feel empowered.
And you’ll empower others who feel the same way you do too.

You have an opinion.
You have a voice.

Use them.

One thought on “Make Your Stand.

  1. Some loud people believe they are right just because they overpower others. The are just loud and abusive. Stand up for yourself. This can be done by keeping silent and doing what you want anyway.


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