Do Less to Succeed.

Have you ever wanted to start a habit but couldn’t be able to?

Like exercising or flossing.

We usually start out strong and do everything as planned.

Then we start to procrastinate and eventually just stop doing them once our motivation runs out.

There are two problems going on here.

The first is relying on motivation instead of habit.
The second is starting out with too much volume.

Just do 1.

If you want to develop the exercise habit, just do 1 push up every day.
If you want to develop the flossing habit, just floss 1 tooth every day.
If you want to write a book, just write 30 words every day

It sounds stupid but it works!

We get too caught up in wanting to achieve our goals but we don’t pay enough attention to building the habit to get there.

That’s why we always quit halfway.

That’s why a lot of new year’s resolutions tend to fail.

Start out small then gradually build up the volume over time.

Think about building the habit first instead of results.

It’s a better recipe for success and the chances of you achieving your goal will increase.

Habit first, results later.

If you’re actually serious about a particular goal, you need to think about sustainability in the long term.

Starting out with 1 hour-long workouts daily isn’t sustainable if you haven’t exercised for years.

Sure you might be able to get through and complete the workouts for the first week or so when your motivation levels are high.

But when your motivation fuel runs out, you’ll start to miss workouts, and eventually just stop since it’s too big of a chore.

Start small and succeed.

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